Saturday, October 23, 2010

"Yellow is the new pink"

I just watched the latest episode of American Dad. they seem to be getting more and more abstract with every season! anyway, on to monday!

we met in the morning at Politecnico Como for a trend forecasting with Li Edelkoort which was amazing although i have to say its not looking too good for me on the print front. everythings going very subtle and classic. its all earth tones and shades of white. plains and textures and sustainable living blahdy blahdy blah.
on the plus side there are some quite vibrant accents, blue is suddenly a big deal and u should defo get urself some nice silk and throw it together with a pair of jeans coz couture is about to mix with casual!

These are just a small selection of the trends, if anyone is interested in a more detailed overview please let me know!

Following the presentation we went to a press conference which (like everything here) was in a stunning location........

  Unfortunately most of this conference was in Italian so it wasn't quite as informative as i had hoped but Li (we're on first name terms now) spoke English so we got a chance to ask her questions. obviously i didn't because the most intelligent question i could think to ask was 'where did u get ur glasses?'
 Luckily someone picked on Tulay who asked a question about her inspiration so we weren't left looking like a bunch of total idiots, hurray Tulay!!! ;)

This was actually a really long day coz immediately (after coffee) we were shovelled into a bus and taken to Ratti to poke around in their archives.

There was so much stuff in that archive i could have stayed there all day! i took heaps of photos so again, if anyone is even mildly interested in seeing more don't hesitate to let me know. in fact i'm thinking of dedicating a facebook album to the archives i visited this week so keep an eye open for it ;)

It was still only about 6pm when we left Ratti (I should have mentioned that Ratti is a leading textile company specialising in woven fabrics) so we went off in search of food! As i mentioned in my previous post we took another trip up to the mountains, mainly coz Jo and Sarah from the Texprint competitions had arrived the day before and hadn't had a chance to explore yet. anyway we ended up in the same cafe where we spent the evening talking about poo and watching the sun set.

A good start to the week i think!

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