Monday, October 31, 2011

If I Gave You Diamonds and Birds

I did lots of colouring today and made quite a bit of progress :) Please see below for visual confirmation of said progress.

I did make a start on the actual scarf itself but I'm not quite ready to reveal that just yet ;)
Watch this space.............

Diamonds are a Bird's Best Friend

I finally had some spare time this weekend so I decided to spend at least some of it drawing (the rest of my time, in case you're wondering was spent at the beach) ;)

Anyway, I'm hoping these drawings will become part of a new scarf I'm designing. Now I know this is not the first time I've attempted to seduce you with talk of new scarf designs. And no, those designs never quite came to fruition, and for that deception I am truly sorry. But this time it's different! 
I'm preparing for a showcase next month (details to follow later) to display my scarves. So with this is mind it only seems right that I should include at least one new addition to my collection.

I'll have to update sooner rather than later since I don't have much time to prepare so keep your eyes peeled!! 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Summer Animals

I've been neglecting my blog of late. I'd like to say it's been because I've been super busy with work and deadlines etc. but that would not be entirely true!! Mostly I've been busy entertaining a friend who came to visit me in Barbados. You may remember her from one of my previous posts (she's the one who loves herself ;)) Now I don't want you thinking I'm a complete bum so I have compiled some examples of my work for your viewing pleasure.

So, yea, back to animal prints! It's all Missoni's fault really. She went and designed a bunch of brightly coloured animal prints for Spring/Summer 2012. I should probably not complain, I actually quite enjoyed putting these together. :)

This week I'm supposed to be creating a set of winter designs that people would wear on vacation. I did ask if that wasn't in fact the same thing as a design for summer (what with said winter designs being brightly coloured) but I was informed that there is apparently a difference. I was not informed what this difference is but I was left to look for inspiration all day. Soooooo here is what a winter vacation to a sunny destination looks like to me........

I love this palette!! Please take a look at the complete collections on they are gorgeous! Click here for Burberry Prorsum and here for Alberta Ferretti.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Carlos Miele

Blogger is acting strangely this evening. It published a blank post which it now won't let me delete so instead of leaving a contentless post on my blog I'm going to write something.........even though I hadn't planned on updating today. Um......ok, news.......I'm going back to Barbados tomorrow! yipeeeeeee!!!!

I may have more to report later in the week but until then I'm gonna be a bit cheeky and post something I probably shouldn't.

Details of my Carlos Miele inspired dresses! :)