Monday, October 25, 2010

Dragon Bionda

Wednesday was the first of several slightly strange days in Como.
We left from the hotel in the morning and travelled to Bric's to do a workshop. Bric's for those who don't know (don't feel bad i was baffled too till i got there) are a luxury luggage company.
although the presentation was informative i was quite tired from the night before and struggling to stay awake, luckily other peoples uncomfortable shuffling made me feel less alone :)

So once we'd learned about the company we were told what was expected of us which was to design a new line of leather handbags and luggage......a strange brief for a room of print designers but grabbing the bull by the horns we proceeded!! sadly tho we were all pretty rubbish. we got a free lunch out of it tho! :D

This is not my hand or my drawing, I'd like to be able to take credit for it but I can't! Nice work Sarah!

Here we are attempting to design luggage! Luckily we were in groups of three :)

We thought we'd been super innovative by designing a duel handbag and laptop bag, sadly for us everyone else had the same idea!! On the plus side Mieszko did design a lovely wallet with a bottle holder attachment! Thirsty shoppers you're troubles are over!!

 Hard as we tried I don't think any of us have impressed the people at Bric's........perhaps the feeling was mutual.............
Sarah, Zeffira & Jo looking slightly confused by the mornings activities..........
We were supposed to have a break between this workshop and the next but as punishment for taking a long wine filled lunch we were made to stay for an extra hour!!

We were taken by bus straight to Accademia Galli which is an art school to see a swimwear presentation

Some cool artwork I found walking around the building :)

anyway on here are some of the swimwear trends, like with the others I won't publish all the photos I took (trust me there are a lot) but if anyone wants them just let me know!

After the presentation we were all inspired and looking forward to the following day as we had been told we were to create mood boards and concepts for the swimwear trade show in Cannes! woop woop!! bring it on!!

but first..................

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