Monday, October 11, 2010

My first blog entry!

Hello anyone reading this, I'll do my best not to be too boring or rambly! I can't promise good spelling or grammar but I'll do my best. :)
Since today is the first time I've managed to find a constant stream of Internet I'm a day behind and typing is slow coz I'm using an iPhone but I shall push on.

I managed to get here without incident, slept through the whole flight (what luck). As if that wasn't enough I woke up just in time to catch a look at some cool snow topped
mountains which I suspect were the alps although it's
entirely possible that my geography has failed me on this occassion. If it has feel free to post and tell me which mountain it was! I took a pic which I'll try and upload soon :)

Anyway, I managed to find the other interns.....and I will explain exactly what happened after dinner......

I realise that pause seems a little unnecessary but every second of internet is precious here and I couldn't risk it dropping before i got a chance to post!

so.......yea, finally made it to Como which, it turns out is completely stunning! our hotel is right on the lake, i haven't been able to take a picture that does it justice yet but i will persevere! i'll also work on working out how to upload said picture.

The rest of the day was spent getting to know my lovely new room mates over pizza, pasta, cake and coffee. Friends might be surprised to hear that i ventured away from my usual daring margarita in favour of a cotto (which turned out to be a margarita with ham) progress!!

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