Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Flower Power!!!

I'm catchin up quicker than i thought i would with this blog! i'm nearly up to speed......and are u noticing that my photo uploading skills are improving?!

ok so, saturday was quiet. After the festivities the night before i wasn't really in the mood for much excitement (plus i'd managed to find a spot of internet next to my bed and i wasn't moving from it). Tulay was very proactive and went with Mieszko on a boat trip around the lake. I think i'm gonna have to do the same at some point. Thi went to Milan leaving me and Zeffira alone to explore.......unfortunately after about 10 minutes of exploring with Jo and Sarah we got hungry and stopped in a cafe. We quickly wished we hadn't when it became apparent that we'd managed to find the only restaurant in Italy that didn't serve edible pasta!! To remedy this we went in search of cake!

After several hours of tea drinking and laughter we went for more food!! Pizza was on the cards and yes, i am getting more experimental. This time I had ham and mushrooms!!

We rushed through dinner coz we were supposed to be meeting the comON peeps at pane e tulipani but we were not prepared for what was awaiting us when we arrived.............

 Here we are with two of the organisers of the trip in a van in a car showroom celebrating the end of a successful week. Thinking about it this was the perfect way to sum up what was a totally random collection of unexpected events, love it!!!

As a side note, if u were at this event and are disappointed by the lack of photos of Sarah I am sympathetic...........which is why i've uploaded them on mass onto facebook! enjoy!!

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