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 Couch Makeover

 "I was lucky enough to be given a couch (in fact quite a bit of furniture) for my big move! And since the table turned out so wonderfully I figured why stop there! The picture below is not the best example of this couch before. It did have cushion covers when I received it but I had removed them (for reasons you will find out later) so unfortunately this is the only 'before' picture I have..."

 Spice Organiser

 "I just recently redecorated my kitchen (photos to come soon) and I've been having more fun than I care to admit implementing some of the fantastic organising tips that I've been drooling over on Pinterest! One of my many favourites is this drawer organiser which I found on fakeitfrugal..."

 Kitchen Makeover

 "Today I decided I would finally share my kitchen make-over with you!Of all the rooms in the house this one has undergone the most drastic change and I am absolutely thrilled with the results..."

Quick Fix

"My Grandma recently had her couch cushions replaced with some shiny new ones. This left her with some rather large (and not too happy looking) extras which she had every intention of throwing away. Until, that is I convinced her to give them to me so that I could add a much needed couch to my study..."

 Rocker Revival

 "Today I'm excited to be able to post another furniture make-over!! This time a living chair to go with my yellow couch. I found this super cool chair in my boyfriend's parent's basement and immediately decided it would be perfect in my living room..."

 Table Makeover

"I've wanted to take a sander and some paint to the table in my workspace for some time now and a few weeks ago I finally got my chance! I'm moving to a new place and thought it would make the most perfect dining table..."

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