Thursday, June 27, 2013

DENY Designs Artist of the Week

Hi guys!

DENY Designs have made me artist of the week on their blog!!! :)

I've been with DENY Designs for a little over a year now and have really enjoyed getting to know the other artists through their work and social media. I'm so grateful to the entire team there and absolutely love being a part of it so I'm thrilled to hear they feel the same way!

'Aimée St. Hill is our gal pal. And, she’s just as super fun as her art! Aimée’s no stranger to DENY. Aimée has been with us since almost the beginning of the DENY and boy oh boy have we been lucky to have her!' Read more...

They put some lovely collections of my work together too! And did you see how they took the time to add the accent to my name?! So impressed! Even my own blog doesn't have that!!!

Anyhoo, that's it for now folks, I'm cooking up something for next week's post but until then don't forget you can catch me on Facebook for updates any time!

To see more of my collections on DENY Designs or to read the full feature please click here.

Thanks for reading!!! :)

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Boho Brights

Hi everyone! This month DENY Designs have gone upload crazy which means I'm able to announce that I have yet more new products to share with you!!

I really wanted to mix up a lot of patterns with this collection so I pulled inspiration from some really cool bohemian rooms, and furniture. Take a look!

Bright Boho Bathroom

Shop the look 1) 'Ivy Teal' shower curtain
                       2) 'Ivy Pink' shower curtain

Bright Boho Bedroom

 Shop the look: 1) 'Ayanna' duvet cover
                         2) 'Leela Navy' throw pillow
                         3) 'Stripe 2' throw pillow
                         4) 'Ivy Teal' sheet set

Bright Boho Lounging

 Shop the look: 1) 'Leela Orange' throw pillow
                         2) 'Leela Purple' throw pillow
                         3) 'Spring 2' throw pillow
                         4) 'Ayanna' throw pillow
                         5) 'Ivy Pink' throw blanket

FYI my 'Spring 2' pillow (pictured in 'bright boho lounging', number 3) is also available HALF PRICE on One Kings Lane until Friday June 28th!!! Click here to go to One Kings Lane!

To see the entire 'Boho Brights' collection click here!

Thanks for reading guys!! Happy shopping :)

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Yellow & Grey Is Here To Stay

Hi guys!!

I've been absolutely dying to show you some of the new designs I've added to my DENY Designs collection!! Some of you might remember this design...

Well it's been pretty popular lately so I thought wouldn't it be great if there were a set of products that matched it! With that in mind I designed a yellow mini collection. I've even put together some handy inspiration boards and here they are!!!

Shop the look:   1) 'Amirah Neutral' throw pillow
                        2) 'Branch Out' duvet
                        3) 'Diamonds' throw pillow
Shop the look:   1) 'Amirah Neutral' shower curtain
                        2) 'Branch Out' shower curtain
                        3) 'Amirah Yellow' shower curtain

Shop the look:   1) 'Amirah Neutral' throw pillow
                        2) 'Amirah Yellow' throw blanket
                        3) 'Diamonds' throw pillow

I found so many great yellow products while I was surfing for inspiration! I didn't want to leave any out so I created this list of 6 lively yellow pillows :)

Shop the pillows:
1) 'IKAT Pillow' - Festive Home Decor                      4) 'Trevino Yellow' - Heather Dutton
2) 'Amirah Yellow' - Aimee St Hill                            5) 'Sunshine Yellow' - Willa Skye Home
3) 'Branch Out' - Aimee St Hill                                6) 'Throw Pillow Ikat' - Chic Decor Pillows

While I was surfing I also found a list which includes one of my pillows (see number 9) so naturally I had to include it!!

See it?? 
Thanks a million Pure Home for that feature!!! I'm sure it's had something to do with my increased sales recently :) To shop the products on the Pure Home list click here.

I think it's safe to say that if you like yellow there's no shortage of products to satisfy your appetite!

I've got plenty of other new things up my sleeve as well as a few projects that I can't wait to start and subsequently share! Until then,

Happy decorating!! xx
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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Coasters For Any Occasion

Hey guys!

Just a quick post today to introduce some of my new coasters :)

Painted Chevron Coaster

Add a bit of colour to any table with this bright and colourful coaster set!

 Buy it here!

Leafy Coasters

These coasters would fit right in with your floral table setting! Not a fan of flowers? No problem! This simple two colour design will go great with almost anything :)

 Buy it here!

Moroccan Coasters

This coaster set would be right at home in this modern Moroccan style dining room. Get yours now and add a touch of Moroccan charm to your table!

Buy it here!

You can get your hands on all these coasters and loads more if you head over to Queen Of De Tile!

Thanks for reading! Remember if you want to stay even more up to date on new Aimee St Hill products (or you just wanna say 'hi') you can like my Facebook page :)

Happy decorating!!! 

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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

9 Fabulous Illustrated Pillows

Hi guys!!

Lately I'm really digging what I call 'hipster' home decor. You know, white walls with pops of bright colour, mismatched, quirky accessories and the occasional piece of refurbished 70's furniture. You know?? The kind of place that might house a trendy graphic designer or crafty collector of mason jars!

Are you with me? Just in case you're not here are some examples.

One of the things I love about this style is that pretty much anything goes! Funky illustrated accessories can hang out with bold graphic throws and that old dated couch suddenly looks cool again with those unusual cushions you bought from that place you can't remember the name of! 

If you're looking to liven up your couch and you happen to like this style then you're in luck!
I've done a bit of digging around the DENY Designs website today and put together a list of 9 pillows that are just perfect for adding a bit of fun to your living room!

1) 'Bright Roses' - Aimee St Hill                           6) 'Technicolour Raindrops' - Fimbis
2) 'Cross Out Black' - Wesley Bird                       7) 'Banquet of Flowers Love' - Julia Da Rocha
3) 'Illustration' - Aimee St Hill                               8) 'Girl' - Aimee St Hill
4) 'Triangle Seas' - Pattern State                          9) 'Dreamer' - Holly Sharpe
5) 'Honaw' - Kris Tate

All these fabulous throw pillows (with the exception of pillow number 8) and more are available right now at DENY so head over and take a look!

Until next time, happy decorating!! :)

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Sunday, June 9, 2013

My very first interview :)

Hi guys!

I have some cool news that I should have shared aaaaaages ago on here (I put it basically everywhere else)!!

As you may know I've recently joined the ranks of a new online  home accessories company called Kess Inhouse. I was super excited to be one of their launch artists so you can probably imagine my excitement when they wanted to publish an interview with me on their blog!!

Here I am (looking about 12) in my workspace!

And here are some of the lovely things they had to say about me!

"Aimee St. Hill is one of our wonderful launch artists. Our creative team had the pleasure of "sitting down" with Aimee via Skype a couple of weeks ago. Before the interview, I knew she lived and worked in Barbados but once the screen faded to her face and I was able to see into her studio; her beautiful, playful, tropical art made perfect sense. Talking to her was as pleasurable as flipping through her work." Read more... 

Since this interview was conducted even more designs, artists and products have been added to the site! So I'm happy to announce not just the launch of my two newest designs 'Grow' and 'Painted Chevron' (pictured below)...
 but also the launch of a whole new line of products...

Introducing: The Cutting Board!!!!

Cool huh?! You can find these online at or by clicking here. You can also find tons of interviews from other awesome members of the Kess team (along with the rest of mine) by clicking here. AND as if that wasn't enough there is a sale on ALL products happening ALL weekend so get over there!!! It's already Sunday, you're missing out!!!! ;)

Happy shopping! xx