Monday, July 22, 2013

Home Decor for Kids (Girls)

Hi guys!!

As promised, as a follow up to my last post I've put together some inspiration boards for home decor for girls! I personally think it's easier to create a bedroom for girls that will last them through their teens (but maybe that's because I'm a girl). I covered some basic 'rules' to creating a 'child-to-teen' room in my boys post but one rule that's usually saved for the fairer sex is that little girls love pink!

With this is mind I've come up with some ways you can use pink without turning your rooms into Barbie's dream palace...unless of course you want to...

Personally I love pink but it can be a touch overpowering if used incorrectly. Pairing pink with neutrals or white will definitely help tone it down a touch. Try throwing in a few navy accessories for a dash of youthful sophistication.

Shop the look: 1) 'Amirah Blue' duvet cover - Aimee St Hill
                        2) 'Spring 3' throw pillow - Aimee St Hill
                        3) 'Rain 10' throw pillow - Garima Dhawan
                        4) 'Ikat Damask Navy'  throw pillow - Patty Sloniger
                        5) 'Dotty in Pink' art print - EbiEmporium 

The great thing about pink is that it can liven up a space in minutes! Team pink with orange and turquoise for a fun playful look or keep it simple with white for a girly boudoir that she'll love forever!

Shop the look: 1) 'Hearts' shower curtain - Louise Machado
                        2) 'Pink Modern Baroque' shower curtain - Aimee St Hill
                        3) 'Leela Orange' quatrefoil mirror - Aimee St Hill

Whatever you decide to do with pink remember to have fun!
Happy decorating!! :)

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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Home Decor For Kids (Boys)

Hi guys!!!

I've been wanting to do this post for a while but I hadn't got round to it until now (mainly because I've been trying to figure out how best to structure it). I've decided to cover kid's home accessories over a few posts since there are so many great products and ideas out there. Today's post is all about boys!

I've noticed more and more that people are interested in creating children's spaces that they can enjoy well into their teens so that will be the focus of today's post.

It seems that the key to doing this is to keep to a fairly understated colour scheme and find accessories that are fun and bold without being specifically child-like. That Thomas the Tank Engine wall mural will be the first thing to go when your little boy starts wanting to bring home girls!

Check out these great products to liven up your boys bedroom!
Shop the look: 1) 'Phone Box' modern clock - Aimee St Hill
                         2) 'Leela Navy' duvet cover- Aimee St Hill
                         3) 'Boy Chocca Numbers' framed art print - Sharon Turner
                         4) '1932' throw pillow - Catherine McDonald
                         5) 'Goodnight Nobody' throw pillow - Danny Ivan
                         6) 'Nautical Lines' throw pillow - Holli Zollinger

Of course there's nothing wrong with Thomas the Tank Engine! But if you don't want the expense of redecorating over and over try limiting the very child-like items to things like throw pillows and wall art - small accents that can be cheaply replaced or removed when the child grows out of them.

Shower curtains are a great way to turn an otherwise understated bathroom into a child friendly environment. There are tons on the market and the great thing about them is that even if you pick a really child-like one it can be easily swapped out for a more teen friendly one later! 

Check out these great products to brighten up your boys bathroom!
Shop the look: 1) 'Misfits' shower curtain - Andi Bird
                        2) 'Magnetic' shower curtain - Caroline Okun
                        3) 'Pass This On' shower curtain - Danny Ivan
                        4) 'Fish' quatrefoil mirror - Aimee St Hill

Thanks for reading guys! Keep you eyes peeled for my girly home accessories post and perhaps a few other child-friendly rooms over the next few weeks!

Take care and happy decorating! :)

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