Friday, June 29, 2012

Spoonflower Weekly Contest: Stars & Stripes

I had a lot of fun creating my design for this week's Spoonflower contest so I thought I'd post the sketches!

If you're wondering what the hell kinda fabric would be covered with drawings of David Bowie I'll tell you.

This week Spoonflower challenged it's members to come up with a design using stars and stripes.
I'm sure this theme is meant to conjurer images of red, white and blue, pictures of eagles, flags and Uncle Sam; a design bursting with American patriotism. Of course there's nothing wrong with all that (especially this close to the 4th of July) but I am not in fact American. Being a non American I saw this as an opportunity to step outside the box and inject a little of my own home turf into the stars and stripes. And so I give you.......


I won't exactly be making my next party dress out of it but I figured it might make a couple of cool, kitsch cushions!

If you'd like to vote for designs in this week's contest you can do so here

Thursday, June 28, 2012

DENY Designs Mix & Match

I'm happy to announce the arrival of some new products on my DENY Designs page. With this comes some delicious mix and match options!!

Click here to shop my Big Leaves collection, here to shop Blue Spring and here to shop Yellow Spring.

Also new to my DENY Designs collection and another great mix and match option are these!

To shop these items and to see all new DENY products please click here.

10% of your purchase will go to support the Colorado fire fighting efforts so don't forget to enter the coupon code 'coloradofire' at checkout.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

London 2012

The Olympics is nearly upon us!! I am personally very excited for two reasons. The first being that it's all taking place in my home town and secondly because I've managed to bag myself some tickets!!!

I thought it would be fun to launch a set of products in honor of the Olympic games and the fabulous city hosting them!

You can find these products and more here
This also seems like a good time to introduce my cases for iPad 2!

Click here to shop!

If you like these products you may also like these!

Click here to shop products!

This design is also available in a range of home accessories which you can find here.

I'm thinking of expanding on my 'London' collection between now and the summer so keep your eyes peeled for new products!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

iPhone cases

There is free worldwide shipping this week on Society6! In honor of this I thought  I'd put together some more iPhone collections for you!

1) Colour iPhone case
2) Blobs iPhone case
3) Stripe iPhone case
4) The Women iPhone case
5) Aimee's World iPhone case
6) Bubbles iPhone case
7) Sneakers iPhone case
8) Girl iPhone case
9) Light iPhone case
10) Squish iPhone case
11) Come Into The Light iPhone case
12) Shapes iPhone case


1) Giraffe iPhone case                                                7) Butterlies iPhone case
2) Onecan Toucan iPhone case                                    8) Fish iPhone case
4) Leopard iPhone case                                             10) Tesselated Parrots Pink iPhone case
5) Birds iPhone case                                                  11) Tessellated Parrots iPhone case
6) Butterflies In Blue iPhone case                                12) Pigeon iPhone case


1) Colour Block2 iPhone case                              7) Tribal Stripe iPhone case
2) Tribal iPhone case                                          8) Aztec iPhone case
3) Geo Floral iPhone case                                    9) Puzzle iPhone case
4) Diamonds iPhone case                                   10) Square Puzzle iPhone case
5) Colour Block iPhone case                               11) Graphic Diamond iPhone case
6) Squares iPhone case                                      12) Zig-Zag iPhone case


1) London 2012 #2 iPhone case                              6) Cityscape iPhone case
2) Frustration #2 iPhone case                                 7) Phone Box iPhone case
3) Nuts & Bolts iPhone case                                   8) Aimee's World iPhone case
4) Frustration iPhone case                                      9) London 2012 iPhone case
5) Gems iPhone case


1) Reflection iPhone case                                              7) Como Sunset iPhone case
2) Wednesday                                                              8) Ash iPhone case
3) Grater iPhone case                                                   9) Como iPhone case
4) Trunk iPhone case                                                  10) Bequia iPhone case
5) Crumples iPhone case                                              11) Sparks iPhone case
6) Tree iPhone case


1) Grace iPhone case                                               3) Girl iPhone case
2) Stardust iPhone case                                            4) Eye See You iPhone case

Monday, June 25, 2012

Floral iPhone Cases

A few of my Floral iPhone cases are popular at the moment (especially this one) so I thought I'd put the whole range of floral cases on here for your viewing pleasure!

(1) Croc Floral iPhone case
(2) Retro Floral iPhone case
(3) Spring iPhone case
(4) Spring Yellow iPhone case
(5) Floral iPhone case
(6) Flowers iPhone case
(7) Birds Of A Feather iPhone case
(8) Birds iPhone case
(9) Roses iPhone case

Click the links above to view these items in my online shop .

Update!!! New floral cases now available!!!!

1) Ivy iPhone Case                                                    7) Floral Leopard iPhone Case
2) Ayanna iPhone Case                                             8) Baroque iPhone Case
3) Ivy Purple iPhone Case                                        9) Bloom iPhone Case
4) Baroque Blue iPhone Case                                  10) Spring Pink iPhone Case
5) Bloom Blue iPhone Case                                     11) Birds In Hiding iPhone Case
6) Floral 2 iPhone Case                                            12) Spring Orange iPhone Case

All these and more are available in my Society6 shop!! And now you can also get cases for Galaxy S4!!!

Head over to Society6 to find out more!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Debenhams Online

I was in the middle of some idle Sunday surfing when I spotted one of my prints on the Debenhams website!

I think it looks great if I say so myself!
Click here to view this on Debenhams online.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Spoonflower Top 10 Design!

Geo Floral by aimeesthillGeo Floral by aimeesthill

I would like to say a big thanks to everyone who voted in last week's Spoonflower contest!
My design made it to the top 10 and is now available to buy at

Also this is the first time I've posted images from Flickr straight onto my blog post, not sure I like the way it looks. I couldn't resist posting proper photos as well!

All these fabrics are available to buy at my Spoonflower shop!
To keep up to date with my latest Spoonflower news you can follow me on Flickr by clicking the link in the margin or find me on Facebook

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Queen Of De Tile Coasters!

Hi guys!! I'm very excited to announce that I've recently teamed up with Queen Of De Tile to produce a range of cool ceramic coasters!

All coasters have cork bottoms to prevent scratches to table tops
To view the full range of Aimee St Hill coasters please click here or use the Queen Of De Tile button in the margin!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Facebook Fan Pages: Pay to post?! You must be havin' a laugh!!

I am appalled (but not surprised) to learn of Facebook's new post sharing policy for fan pages.
You may know that I have recently created a Facebook fan page having realised its potential for easily sharing my work and products with a massive audience for free. I was enjoying the support I was getting from friends and friends of friends and I was slowly growing an audience much faster (and larger) than I've ever been able to do through my blog or website. Imagine my disappointment upon learning that the FREE sharing that I have come to enjoy and rely on is coming to an end!

Facebook has recently added a feature to pages (visible only to page admins) which shows the 'reach' of posts. This percentage represents the number of page 'likers' who can see the post on their news feed. Facebook has limited news feed posts to the people who engage regularly with said posts (by commenting/sharing/liking). This basically means that only a tiny percentage of the total people who have liked a page will be seeing anything that's posted on it. The rest of the people will be blissfully unaware that anything has been posted (whether they want to see it or not).

This is particularly sucky for someone like me who is new to facebook and trying to expand my audience. How, I ask am I expected to do that when I can't even reach the few people who have taken the time to 'like' my page?!?!    
And the frustration continues! Facebook has decided that page owners should PAY to make their posts visible to the remaining 'likers'. This is ridiculous!! Remember, page owners won't be paying to reach new people but people who have ALREADY liked their page!

This new policy goes completely against what I assume Facebook was trying to achieve when fan pages were first launched; to allow small businesses, artists and organisations to share for FREE!!

Luckily there is a loophole! When you like a page hover the cursor over the 'liked' button to open a drop down menu. Make sure to check the option that says 'show in news feed' to keep receiving updates.

If you, like me think that this should not be allowed to continue please share this information and follow the steps above to support the little guy!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Spoonflower Weekly Contest

Hi guys!!

I've just entered this design into the Spoonflower weekly contest!

This weeks challenge was to create a fabric design with a limited palette made up of geometric shapes.
Please click here to vote for your favourite designs.....or u can just vote for mine ;)

Friday, June 8, 2012

New DENY Products!

I've just added some new products to my collection of home accessories on!

You can find these and more at DENY Designs . Simply click the thumbnails to view the range of products available.