About Me

I've been thinking fairly hard about what to write here. It seems this section should be a biographical piece about me written in the third person, but something about that just doesn't seem in keeping with the style of this blog (something I hope you've all come to enjoy).

Instead I'm just gonna tell you a little bit about how I came to be here and what my brain does when creating designs :)

I started this blog shortly after graduating from The University of East London (let's hope they're grateful for that free advertising) in 2010. I won a competition set by Liberty London and Texprint in June of that year. The brief was to design a scarf inspired by one of the 20 regions of Paris. I won with this entry.

My prize was an AMAZING 7 weeks in Como, Italy where I worked, ate, drank, partied and got lost more than a few times. If you've been reading my ramblings you'll know that this trip is where my blog began. If you're only just finding out now you really should go and catch up. If I say so myself it's worth the read!

So that's how my blog came to be. As for my designs, I think they speak pretty loudly for themselves (not unlike me) ;) They are bright and noisy and dense with patten, illustration and abstract motifs. 
They may not be for everyone but I love them!!

I'll leave you to decide how you feel about them! You can visit my website to view my portfolio or you can check out my work for sale here, here or, if you'll turn your attention to the right you can click one of many conveniently placed buttons!! --------------------------------->

Thanks for reading! :)