Saturday, October 23, 2010

Comon comon comon comon........

hellooooo!! i've been hvaing the most mental week! i've just managed to connect to the internet, not quite sure how but i'm gonna make the most of it!

to start i'll briefly update u on my exploits from last weekend which now feels like a lifetime ago. Chiara took me and the girls out for dinner at an amazing pizza restaurant called cafe riva and then for drinks at an equally amazing bar/ florist.......yes florist. I've done things a bit backwards with this blog, i should probably have introduced my room mates sooner........... 

From left, Zeffira, Tulay, Thi and Me!!
we found a train that went up the mountain so we went for an explore on sunday. the view was stunning (at least it would have been if it hadn't have been foggy)

in any case there was a great cafe at the top where we spent all day eating cake and pasta. we liked it so much that we went back the following day! i managed to get some less foggy pics which i'll upload shortly.
later that evening was the opening of the Comon....sorry comON (don't ask) creativity week so we went to a strange but fun event involving long powerpoint presentations in italian, bizarre sing-alongs and food in plastic bubbles. sadly i have no photos that do the eveing justice. i do have a nice photo of us enjoying some free drinks in the bar afterwards tho!

that pretty much wraps up the weekend. I'm gonna take a break from blogging for a bit and enjoy some cartoons while i've got the net but i'll be back with monday asap!

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