Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Awesome mountains!!

Hotel entrance
Lake Como
Pictures as promised!! unfortunately i have yet to work out how to arrange my photos so it's all looking a bit crap. apologies to any of my design tutors who might be following :s

so......i'm being a bit cheeky right now and blogging from work because its the only place where the net isn't temperamental so i'm gonna keep this short.

yesterday there was some confusion over the schedule and i went to start my internship when i was supposed to be at a meeting with Comon.....typical....yes. anyway it wasn't my fault, it turned out to be poor communication between Comon and Textra so i got to take a half day and explore Como which was nice. Here, have some more photos!

You'd think programmers in their infinite wisdom would make things easy for us humble bloggers but noooooooooo. if anyone has any picture uploading advice please feel free to comment! 

Today is my first full day at Textra which is a swimwear company. They have a very broad client base which is fantastic because there's no limit to the prints they design. I have been sat in front of a computer and told to do (and i quote) 'anything'. Amare!! 

I can't publish anything i design for obvious reasons but for anyone interested in the company check out the website, http://www.textra.it/tendenze_2010.asp 

Now I should get back to work..............

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