Friday, October 15, 2010


This may be my last blog entry for a while as i'm not gonna be at work over the next week but i will have lots to report when i return! This is what my schedule for next week looks like...............

18:30 - Meeting at Palazzo Terragni in Piazza del Popolo for Comon opening

10.00 - Trend meeting with Li Edelkoort at Politecnico di Como
12:30 - Press conference at Sala Bianca Teatro Sociale and lunch
15:00 - Visit to Fondazione Ratti textile museum

10:15 - Visit to Canepa SpA (i don't know what this actually is but i suspect its another textiles company, will let you know)
16:00 - Back to the hotel
18:30 - Opening of 'H2O' exhibition at Villa del Grumello and dinner :)

9:15 - Introduction to Comonext activiteis
10:00 - Intro to Bric's company and workshop (again i have no idea what these are so it's a good thing we're getting an introduction first)!!
11:00 - Start of workshop activities
13:30 - Lunch
14.30 - Workshop continues
16:00 - Back to hotel
18:30 - Intro to MarediModa (Link to Link) and dinner

10:30 - Celebration of the activities and jobs made during the training period (I assume this will be more of an assessment than a celebration but I live in hope)
Midday - Lunch!!
15:00 - MarediModa workshop

9:30 - Visit to Hugo Boss in Mendrisio with lunch (It's probably worth mentioning that this is in Switzerland)!!!!!!!! :)
14:30 - Back to the hotel
19:00 - Wattwash party

16:00 - Opening of open air exhibition 'Armonia di Inversioni'
23:30 - 'Flower Power' party!!

So that's next week! i'll be back with a more detailed report asap!

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