Wednesday, October 13, 2010

More 'work'

Last night was quite uneventful although it was interesting attempting to make chicken with no seasoning. Personally I think i did quite well (especially since we also have no sharp knives- cutting raw potatos with a bread knife is not something I would recommend)! At least it filled a hole!

Today I am back at Textra and getting used to asking for things in Italian. It's pretty difficult to ask for directions or bus numbers or bus tickets at the moment. I have the questions down but it's not much good coz i don't understand the answers!! lucky for me i don't have to go too far :)

I'm thrilled to discover that there is more to be learned about photoshop! i'm now discovering 'channels'. i've formed a love hate relationship with them pretty quickly. it seems to me that they'll be very useful when i can use them confidently but for now they're making everything take twice as long. Luckily for me i'm allowed to spend my time checking out youtube tutorials. I believe my dad would call that 'jammy'

There has been some talk of dinner tonight with the people from Comon. As is customary here no one has confirmed this but I guess there is always unseasoned chicken and stale potatoes..........

An update of my evening will follow tomorrow during one of my many coffee breaks, ciao bellezze!
(If anyone is interested in using channels in photoshop there's a pretty good basic explanation of them on the following website:

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