Monday, October 25, 2010

'Thousands live without love, none without water'

i went to the strangest event last night but i'm trying to keep things n order here so i'm gonna have to blog about that after. i covered last weekend and monday in my last post so i'll do my best to cover tuesday and wednesday in todays.

Tuesday we went on a tour of Canepa which is a massive textile company here. they've got their fingers in a lot of pies so i won't go into all the things they actually produce but it was a really interesting tour, we got a look in all their departments. plus they gave us free scarves and paid for our lunch! :)

An awesome flamboyant guy showing us the archive!!

Digital print design room

Silk weaving machine

A smiley man surrounded by fabric, had to take a pic!!

Big pile of Gucci knits which i probably shouldn't have a photo of.......i might not have taken it had i not been told that they count all their products and burn any extras they find. They're not alone tho, Hugo Boss by their own admission do the same but more about that later!

I think this is fairly self-explanatory
  Following this tour we went to the opening of an exhibition about saving water (hence the title of today's post). once again it was in a wicked location!

As always i'm having trouble with the net, it cut out last night before i could post so this is take two!
I'm having trouble remembering exactly what we did after this since i'm now a week behind with my posts but it seems likely that we ended up in Pane e Tulipani, bar and florist, can't remember if i've mentioned this before?! anyway i'm sure there was much drinking and merriment, they make great cocktails!! so far i've only sampled the ones with suggestive names coz their more fun to order but i'll make my way thru the rest so i can give u a full report! :D

now, on to Wednesday!! 

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