Monday, November 22, 2010

Venice in the rain

When we left our cell.....i mean room in the morning we were greeted by an entirely different Venice.

Luckily our failure to see the exhibition the day before meant that we had somewhere to go out of the rain. Don't get me wrong, all this water is amazing for like a half hour but after that u just wanna get the hell inside!!

As i said before, the exhibition we had planned to see was no longer showing (the Swiss had stolen it) so we went instead to see Tony Cragg who, from what i can tell makes sculptures that look like poo.

There were two other exhibits accompanying Tony, one was an oriental exhibition and the other was modern art. Deciding we'd seen enough oriental art for the time being we went to the modern art exhibition. In actual fact the art wasn't so modern. Sadly though this image is all the evidence i have of the second exhibition coz the photography police were working extra hard on this one!

It was still raining when we left the exhibition (with Zeffira's friends in tow.......probably should have mentioned we met up with them just before) so we went to another exhibition! 

Luckily the staff at this exhibition weren't such photo Nazis

The rain continued after this so we went in search of a more inside entertainment and we found it in the form of a restaurant!

Thankfully the rain had stopped by the time we were done with coffee so we had one last wonder around before we left!

hmm.......while trying to upload more photos i've been informed that i have to purchase more storage space.......curious.............this calls for further investigation. Stay tuned for the continuation of my Venice adventure..........

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