Saturday, November 6, 2010

Don't rock my boat

I've been lucky enough today to get onto the internet twice, so i figured i'd use this rare opportunity to write a second post!!

Desperate not to suffer the same boredom brought on by last weekend's lack of things to do, Zeffira and I came up with a cunning plan! The plan was to go out, maybe go on a boat, maybe drink some coffee and maybe walk around until we got tired.........then maybe eat some cake and drink more coffee.........

Thoroughly prepared and armed with a packed lunch and a sense of adventure we strode into Como where we did in fact get on a boat!


Unsure of what to do after the excitement of sailing we wondered around aimlessly for a while. Eventually we came across a market :)

I was very tempted by these wonderfully tacky objects but remembering that my money could be better spent on living (and maybe buying shoes) i resisted.

Feeling slightly overstimulated by all the shiny things we decided to take a break for coffee. Zeffira told me there was a nice cafe near by that she wanted to revisit..........of course she couldn't remember where it was so more aimless wondering ensued. 

Eventually we stumbled across the cafe!

I'm still on a mission to find a small suitcase that i can use on the plane. Como isn't really the place for buying such can't buy a role of toilet paper but u can buy a Gucci handbag!!

Knowing that searching for cheap luggage would be a pointless exercise we decided to do it anyway!

We ended up in Coin which is Como's answer to Debenhams and were excited to find that it had gone all festive :)

Yey Christmas!!!!! :)

Tonight we've had an invitation from the always charming Mr Paolo Noseda to attend some kind of swanky (at least thats what i'm assuming it is) Como party.

If the comON events are anything to go by it will be a night full of strange and wonderful things. We shall see..............

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