Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Tribute to the Ceiling!

Today i am going to dedicate my post the the ceiling! But before i do i need to get something off my chest........

If ever I had considered a career in television the events of this afternoon would have put me off!! I was told earlier in the week that a camera would arrive with Alessandra today to give me a short interview consisting of three question. Sounds simple doesn't it?? Of course it became very difficult very quickly as I managed to forget every word in the English language the second the camera was turned on.............i just about managed to respond with 'ummm' for the first question..........such insight!!

Now that's over i can relax and and get back to today's post.............The ceiling is so often over-looked (not literally of course), always there doing it's job but never appreciated. Well here are some ceilings which refuse to be ignored!!!!

If ur a real ceiling enthusiast u might even be able to tell the real panels from the painted ;)

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