Sunday, November 7, 2010

20 Questions

This morning me and Zeffira decided to take another crack at the Dali exhibition (since the line was so long last weekend and none of us felt like waiting in the rain). This time things were different, this time it wasn't raining when we was only raining when we were in the queue.

This is the final 20 minute straight of a line we'd already stood in for an hour!!!

How did we pass this time i hear u ask?! 20 questions!!!!
I was surprised and appalled by Zeffira's lack of knowledge about celebs. It's difficult to play 20 questions when ur opponent doesn't know who Jack Nicholson is! was all worth it in the end! Unfortunately we weren't allowed to take pictures inside the exhibition but luckily i chose to ignore this rule........... :)

Here are some of my favourites!

Amazingly enough no one caught me taking photos until this last one on the right. Sadly that meant i couldn't take any more...........or did it............?!

This is me and Zeffira hanging out in one of Dali's art pieces (we're not being horribly disrespectful this was in fact an interactive installation). It's a bit blurry but i'm hoping that all adds to the surrealism of it :)

The description of this image is very wordy, talking about 'disquieting landscapes' and how we 'might contemplate them' but basically it's a room dedicated to Mae West and was a reconstruction of the original installation below left.

We had some time after the exhibition to have a quick explore of Milian and i'm happy to report that my search for a suitcase is finally over! The good news is it was cheap, the bad news is it's fluorescent pink and covered in turtles...........oh well, function over form!

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