Monday, November 15, 2010

Thunder only happens at the weekend..............

As is customary on a Sunday we all escaped from Como. This time we ran off to Switzerland after successfully locating the international train station and buying a ticket ;)

Me and Zeff are on a bit of an exhibition kick of late so we opted to check out some Japanese art while Tulay went in search of designer brands at low low prices in Foxtown.

I'd like to tell u that mine and Zeffira's journey was one of epic proportion but it actually turned out to be a very straight forward route. I do have some lovely pictures of Switzerland tho!

So guess rains in Switzerland too! anyway........after stopping in a hotel to get a map we found our first museum! The exhibition was about a Japanese art movement called Gutai.......I had never heard of it either.........We went to it coz the brochure had lots of cool paint splatters all over it but i actually managed to learn quite a lot.......don't worry, i won't bore u with that now, i'll just give u the pics.

This exhibition was arranged by artist in 8 different rooms, as always i've managed to leave the information about said artists on my night stand so i won't be telling you about them. I did however learn something about the movement itself (thanks to a handy......and free......headset i picked up at the beginning of the exhibition). Apparently Gutai was the first art movement concerned with environmentalism. The people at comON would be proud! ;) 

I will say one thing about this exhibition, the artists use some very cool techniques! There were a tonne of different styles as well, performance, painting (sometimes with their feet) installation, sculpture, written pieces. it was really very cool! (yes i realise that was more than one thing)

The next exhibition we saw for the day was somewhat more subdued. In fact i think our selection of exhibitions says a lot about us as people. Naturally Zeffira chose Ineffable Perfection, it's calm and tranquil, delicate and subtle........of course Gutai, (the one i wanted to see) is pretty much none of those things!!

Moving on..........I liked the way this exhibition was laid out. Each room kinda had a theme. It was mostly these cool black and white photos which some incredibly patient people had added colour to using a single hair!!

I'm getting really good at taking photos when I'm not supposed to!!

Like i said before, it wasn't all pretty pictures.......there were some scary looking masks and samurai type things too!

After a day of wondering around museums we decided to go shopping...........ordinarily this would have been a bad idea but Foxtown is the home of the designer discount!! We pretty much spent the rest of the afternoon rummaging through Gucci, Versace and the like at 70% off!! :) :) :)

If anyone wants a slightly less rambly and more informative account of the shows we visited (and the 2 that we didn't) check out the website,

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