Friday, December 9, 2011

Papier Mache Baubles

This year I am spending Christmas with a man whose name may as well be Scrooge for all the joy he feels for the season. So in an attempt to give him some Christmas spirit (and to make each day a more pleasant experience for me) I came up with some Craft projects that we could do together.

Some worked very well and others not so well. This first one is an example of one which was not so successful. I'm determined it can work though which is why I'm posting it. Also it's very messy and I had a great time screwing it up!

To make a papier mache bauble you will need glue (PVA is probably best because it dries clear) mixed with a little water, paper (something thin like newspaper or tissue paper), a balloon (the smaller the better) and something to decorate it with ( I used paint and glitter)

First, blow up a balloon. I used a 9" a smaller balloon would have created a more rounded shape.
Shred or cut your paper into thin strips. I think paper towels might be the best thing to use since they take to glue so well and are thin enough not to distort the shape of the balloon.

Next, mix glue with a little water (make sure the glue is still thick, too much water and the glue won't hold). Start sticking!

Build up the layers until the whole balloon is covered several times. The newsprint I used to start with left the balloon with an uneven finish so I did my final layers with kitchen roll.

Don't forget to leave a hole in the top or a loop of paper so you have somewhere to attach a ribbon for hanging.

Leave overnight. When dry burst the balloon with a pin and decorate!

As you can see, the surface of this bauble is quite uneven. I think it may have been better if I had used tissue from the start. Then again, if I had dipped the entire thing in glitter no one would be any the wiser! Something to think about next time...............

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