Saturday, December 10, 2011

Braided Palm Wreath

I really wanted to find a way to make Caribbean Christmas decorations this year (since that's where I am in the world right now). I think I succeeded in finding something Caribbean inspired, easy and fun!

To make a braided palm wreath you will need a palm leaf and a man with a knife to cut down said palm leaf (or just a knife and a willingness to walk into the bush and cut your own leaf). I chose a man but you're welcome to make your own choice.

You will also need some wire or string, basic braiding knowledge and some pretty things with which to decorate your palm leaf once it's braided!

Once you have cut yourself a leaf or found a willing participant to do it for you, fold the leaf into a circular shape and secure with string or wire.
We used wire but I suspect string would work just as well, maybe even better (I did stab myself with the wire whilst putting this together).

Once the loop is secure begin to braid. If you already know how to French braid or cornrow this will be easy. If not I've just found this tutorial that might help you! Try to think of it as a regular plait that you add an extra leaf to each time.

Palm leaves are double layered so make sure you are only braiding one side at a time. This is what the leaf will look like with one side completed.

If you're left with extra braid at the end of the loop just tuck it into the rest of the loop. If you have braided the leaf tight enough it won't fall out.

Once both sides of the leaf are braided you will be left with a basic wreath shape. Now you can decorate it however you like!