Friday, December 9, 2011

30 Day Drawing Challenge: Days 8-11

I'm back with day 8 leading on from yesterday's post. I had to draw my favourite animated character which, like many of these daily challenges was difficult to choose. But I did!!

If you don't know who this is you're really missing out on a good thing. Click this, watch and enjoy!

Although I watch and enjoy a LOT of animated comedy I decided to go in a different direction with the answer to challenge 9 (drawing my favourite TV show). At first I thought this show was stupid but then I found myself getting sucked in. Can you guess what it is?

Did you get it? I'll give you a clue, It's anatomy and it's grey! get it, get it?!

On day 10 I had to draw my favourite candy and I didn't know if that extended to chocolate but I didn't care, I drew it anyway :)

Yesterday I was faced with the challenge of drawing a turning point in my life! I thought of a few but they were all too hard to visualise (or rather I was too lazy to visualise them) or too cheesy (I try to avoid cheese wherever possible unless it's going on pasta).
I finally came up with this,

I chose to draw the day I learned to talk because it wasn't only a significant turning point in my life but in so many other lives too! Since this day I have spoken a great deal (not always a whole lot of sense). I tirelessly continue to rant about petty, insignificant topics and annoy people with childish taunts and sarcasm, often sharing my opinion where it's not wanted. Carrying on and on until my audience yells at me to desist or tunes me out completely. Yes, learning to talk was brilliant!   

That bring us to today's effort which is a drawing of my most recent accomplishment (at least it will be when I eventually get around to drawing it).

So I'm gonna go get on with it! Be back soon........

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