Thursday, December 8, 2011

30 Day Drawing Challenge: Days 4-7

Ok I am waaaaaay behind on posting my drawing challenge pics! Last time I posted I was supposed to be drawing my favourite place and after some thought I realised that my bed was the only real option.

Btw those pants were not on the bed this morning.......they were on the floor.......they are still there now.

Day 5 I was supposed to be drawing my best friend which was hard because I have many very good friends (and I'm an eternal diplomat, very important for keeping said friends). I did finally manage to pick a best friend. A friend whose presence I would truly be lost without!

Oh internet, what would I do without u?!

Some of you may recognise my favourite book character from day 5 as the Enormous Crocodile from Roald Dahl's 'The Enormous Crocodile.'

'The Enormous Crocodile grinned, showing hundreds of sharp white teeth.

“I’m going to fill my hungry empty tummy with something yummy yummy yummy yummy!” Great stuff!!

I had to give drawing number 7 some thought but then I realised that while there are many good even great words. None are quite as amazing as.............

You may in fact need a microscope to read those speech bubbles but really all u need to know is that yes is good!

And now I'm going to watch TV coz my internet keeps spazzing out and it's starting to piss me off (pardon my French, sometimes it's necessary).

We'll resume from drawing 8 tomorrow!

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