Wednesday, December 14, 2011

30 Day Drawing Challenge: Days 14 - 16

I'm still beavering away with this drawing challenge! As the title would suggest I'm gonna show you days 14 to yesterday (day 16).

Day 14's challenge was to draw my favourite fairytale. This is a fairly abstract representation of the fairytale I chose (but then it's also a pretty abstract fairytale). I would encourage you to comment if u know where this sentence comes from :)

I don't generally have the patience required for drawing great portraits so I decided to take a different approach to the challenge on day 15. Here is a portrait of my family according to the Chinese Zodiac.

If you're wondering who's who I'm not gonna tell u! But you're welcome to guess ;)
I'll even help by telling u which members of my family are pictured here. Me, my Mum, Dad, Brother, Sister and Granny.

Moving on. Yesterday's challenge was tricky. I had to draw inspiration. This concept had me confused because I'm pretty accustomed to drawing from inspiration but I wasn't entirely sure how to go about drawing inspiration itself. In the end I figured that colour was my only constant source of inspiration and went with that!

Today's drawing is my favourite plant but since I haven't figured out exactly what that is yet I'm gonna close this post to go think about it. I'll leave u instead with a picture of the Christmas cookies my clever boyfriend made!

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