Monday, September 5, 2011

The last of the butterflies

I had every intention of updating on Thursday but things got a little hectic after the whole recolouring the wrong image fiasco. I did manage to get it all done though so here's a sample of it.
I imagine you're almost as sick of looking at these blasted butterflies as I am (if you've been following my progess that is, otherwise hello and welcome)! In any case I won't be posting any more for a while as I move on to other things. Things such as the meeting I have tomorrow to discuss a new project!

To be honest I wasn't even going to mention that in case it doesn't go well and I'm forced to write an embarrassing follow-up post about how much I suck. In fact all now I'm wondering if I should delete it and save myself while I still can!!

.................But I won't............wish me luck!!