Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What to do, what to do??

I'm having a bit of a melt-down this week. It's not necessarily a bad thing (my life isn't falling apart you'll be pleased to know). I've just had a bit of a sensory overload. I'm really excited about this next set of designs and typically my enthusiasm has lead to confusion.........

Basically I've been trying to figure out which direction to take said designs. I started out the same way I usually would; research and drawing followed by more research. Then drawing. But somehow I managed to get lost.

See the problem isn't a lack of material to work from or even a lack of ideas. The problem is a complete lack of focus! All the images I've pulled for inspiration are gorgeous and I just can't seem to narrow it down! I can't pick a style or a mood or even a colour palette. To be honest I always have trouble picking a colour palette. Actually that's a lie. I don't have any problems picking a colour palette. The trouble is sticking to it! I love colours and I'd rather not exclude any of them from my designs!

Luckily I know my weaknesses all too well and have decided on a plan of action to combat them! A mood board!

If you're accustomed to creating mood boards you might be thinking that this one isn't actually all that helpful. You're right. It isn't really. While I was compiling it I realised that my indecisiveness might actually be a good thing! I might be able to find a way to merge all these things together into one super, awe inspiring design which all other designs will cower at the feet of. Either that or I'll create some kind of abstract floral monster that will have an eye-melting effect on whoever should gaze upon it. Either way, it won't be boring!

Wish me luck :)

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