Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A step in the right direction!

Today is a good day!! :D

Contrary to my concerns yesterday my meeting today went very well!! I'm still a little apprehensive about announcing to the world that the whole things a done deal (and by 'thing' I mean scarf related sales) in case it falls through but so far everything is looking positive! Sooooo.......slightly premature yey!

If you've been following you'll know I don't like to leave my posts without pictures so here's some scarves which hopefully you'll be able to buy pretty soon!

In other news, I managed to figure out why I had 2 missing prints and 8 extra for the hotel project. Not sure I mentioned that before (I meant to) but it was slightly puzzling at the time. AND I joined my fellow grown ups yesterday by finally filing my tax return................I realise this isn't something people generally get excited about but I'm always happy to find I have some level of competence when it comes to boring but necessary tasks.............thanks for the help Mum :)

Plus I managed not to get too distracted from work, spill dye on myself or create any more hideous print designs! So all in all this week is shaping up to be a LOT better than last week. With any luck it'll stay that way!

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