Thursday, August 25, 2011

Important Immigration Status Update!!

I've just remembered something that I didn't include in my previous posts that is crucial to the application!!!!

While speaking to that last useful immigration officer on the phone I discovered that applying for immigration status in Barbados is only possible for those people who have lived in Barbados previously. Some people may have had a work permit or a student visa etc. which allowed them to reside in Barbados for longer periods and those people will be entitled to apply for immigration status.

I have never lived, studied or worked in Barbados and therefore do not have and never have had a permit or visa. I am only able to apply for immigration status because my parents are citizens of Barbados although neither of them were born there. My Father received his citizenship through his Father (who was born in Barbados) and my mother received hers by marriage.

If you are in a similar situation you need to include proof of your parents citizenship; the original copy AND a photocopy along with the other documents listed when you apply. This is NOT stated on the application form but if you don't provide the immigration office with this information your application will not be processed!!

If this whole process is starting to sound like more trouble than it's worth, you might find the following information helpful...............

You DO NOT need a visa, permit, immigration status or in fact ANY further documentation for a long stay in Barbados if you are travelling on a British passport!

It is at the discretion of the immigration officer at the airport when you arrive in Barbados how long you will be allowed to stay. The length of your stay will be accepted or denied based on your responses to a standard set of question. These will be things like 'what is the purpose of your visit?' 'where will you be staying?' etc. So, if you are clearly a tourist holidaying for 2 weeks (or even 6) you will have no trouble. But booking a stay of 6 months with the intention of working without a permit would obviously be ill advised!

So basically you can stay as long as you like within reason!

If it is believed that you intend to stay for any unlawful reasons (or if the person you're dealing with simply doesn't buy your story about the deep love you've developed for their country and your wish to spend the next year on one long holiday WITHOUT the intention of working) you will be made to change the return date of your flight.

You may be able to extend your stay at a later date by visiting the immigration office in Bridgetown and requesting an extension. The immigration officer will decide the length of this extension based on another set of questions. You may also be asked to prove that you will be able to support yourself financially during this time.

Sooooooo the moral of the story is be prepared to answer questions and come armed with proof!

If you're still curious about this process and are looking for more information on this subject (or other related topics), have a look at THIS!!

The link above will also direct you to the contact details for the Barbados Immigration Department.

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