Monday, August 1, 2011

Busy Busy Busy

I've had a pretty busy couple of days so I haven't had much time to draw anything new or even finish the things I'd already started. I've hardly had a chance to look up from the pile of emails I've had to deal with or get off the phone long enough to post anything so please accept my humblest of apologies for that!

On the bright side my dealings with the printer, framer and hotel seems to be over for now and everything that needed to be done does now appear to have been done. so with all my fingers crossed I await the arrival of Thursday when the prints will either arrive and everything will be shiny and wonderful or they won't and everything will be disastrous and terrible.

With any luck i'll get a chance to head out to the Crop Over celebration happening here today. Then at least I'll have some photographs of the event with which to hold your attention. One can only hope!

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