Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Kitchen Make-over

Hi guys!

Today I decided I would finally share my kitchen make-over with you!
Of all the rooms in the house this one has undergone the most drastic change and I am absolutely thrilled with the results!

Here is what my kitchen looked like a few months ago. It's a good size with lots of storage but as you can see it's very dark and there's a LOT going on! Yellow walls, brown cabinets, different coloured surfaces. It was in desperate need of simplifying!

I knew I wanted it white and bright so I put together this little mood board for myself.

As you can probably guess the first thing I did was take a paintbrush to those cabinets and get rid of that dark wood! Enormous piles of mess aside I think you'll agree it already looks a LOT better!!

Next I targeted the tiles. I'm renting so there's no chance of re-tiling (and even if there was it's a little out of budget).

I bought some self-adhesive vinyl from Homebase, cut it into squares the same size as my tiles and simply stuck them over! Here's how they looked before and after.

I chose a vinyl from a company called Designs Folie in silver to help reflect light back into the room. If you're wondering how these hold up when they get wet the answer is very well! They've been in place for two months now and even the ones around the sink are still going strong! I have a feeling that the quality of vinyl differs from brand to brand though coz I lined my bathroom cabinets with a different brand and it's not doing quite so well!

I also used white vinyl (the good quality stuff) on the over-head cabinets. They were already covered in a sort of marble effect, laminate so there was no way of painting over them. Here's the 'before' although it's difficult to see exactly how the marble effect looked.

I started at the top edge and worked my way down before moving on to the middle section and finally the top and bottom edges. I cut each piece slightly wider than the width of the section I was covering so that it would overlap onto the wood and metal areas seamlessly.

Here you can see what a difference the white vinyl made to the cabinet!

This is how it looked once the whole thing was covered.

I lived with it like this for a few weeks before deciding it was still a little flat so I added some colour! I couldn't paint the inside of the cabinets so I bought some thick card from a stationary store, cut it to size and wedged it into the back of each cabinet.

In case you're wondering, the walls haven't been painted, these pictures were just taken at different times of the day.

To continue the blue and red theme I added a pegboard pot holder (with the help of my boyfriend) to a spare wall along with some other accessories to tie everything together.

I absolutely LOVE my pantry door handles! I got them on sale at Zara Home. My rug cost just £15 from IKEA  and my tea towel (which I'm planning to frame at some point) came from Pretty Berlin

There's still a few things I'd like to add like a blind for the window and maybe a few more accessories here and there but for now I'm very happy with it!

And that's my kitchen!! Thanks so much for reading! Come back soon for more make-overs, decorating inspiration and fun home accessories. Until then have a Happy Hump Day!! :)

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