Monday, November 11, 2013

Rattan Rocker Revival


Today I'm excited to be able to post another furniture make-over!! This time a living chair to go with my yellow couch.

I found this super cool chair in my boyfriend's parent's basement and immediately decided it would be perfect in my living room!

First I hauled it out of the basement (after getting permission of course) and gave it a good clean! The dog didn't help, she has NO respect for personal boundaries!

Then I painted it white! I started with a coat of primer then added two coats of semi-gloss, water based emulsion. I had a little of the automotive painted left after finishing the table so I gave it a quick once over with that and voila!  

It was looking pretty good at this point but it wasn't the most comfortable thing to sit on! I wasn't much liking my chances of being able to remake the original cushion either. It's a pretty odd shape to make a cushion for, what with the round piece and then the odd kinda sloping angle of the arms. Not easy!

For anyone with a similar chair and more accomplished sewing skills I would recommend this pattern. I was excited to find it but not quite confident enough to execute it! Instead I cut two pieces of foam in a kind of deep D shape and slapped together a couple of covers for them! 

At first I considered just buying a yellow fabric to match the couch but I couldn't find the right yellow so I decided to co-ordinate with some of my throw pillows instead! I found this great fabric at
Sanderson. It's a liiiittle bit pricey but luckily I didn't need much to cover the foam!

I had intended on making this a 'How-to' but I became very self-conscious about my technique (or lack there of) about half way through and decided it's probably better for everyone that I don't write instructional posts when it comes to construction!! If you're looking for instructions with clear, logical steps you should visit The CSI Project. She covered a bench not a chair but it's the same principle. Plus she has a totally cool foam carving knife which I seriously wish I owned!!! The foam under my cushion covers look a lot more like I let a dog chew them into shape rather than carefully cutting them myself!!! Thank goodness for wadding (batting if you're in the US)!!!

I love my new living chair and think it looks great with the couch! :)


I'd also like to draw your attention to one of my cushions (the only one I didn't get from IKEA)!! 

I'm super excited about it for two reasons, 1) I made it using a tapestry set which took several months and 2) I get to tell you guys about this incredibly cool online craft store I discovered!!!

Felicity Hall produces modern tapestry sets!!! It's sooooo cool! She has a whole bunch of designs in different colours. They are so fun to do and soooo much more interesting than the traditional tapestries we're all used to seeing! Here you can see how the flat tapestry looked when it was finished! 

And finally a little promo of my products! :) You may not have even noticed it in the picture but one of my Kess Inhouse throw blankets made it's way to my living room recently!

You can find it here!

Thanks for stopping by!! Oh, I almost forgot the all important before and after photo!!!

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