Monday, December 16, 2013

Organising Spices

Hi guys!

I just recently redecorated my kitchen (photos to come soon) and I've been having more fun than I care to admit implementing some of the fantastic organising tips that I've been drooling over on Pinterest! One of my many favourites is this drawer organiser which I found on fakeitfrugal!

I absolutely HATE riffling through a shelf of almost identical bottles, inevitably knocking some over and having to have this conversation with myself, 'wait...did I just check this one? nope, don't think I did., that's not it either...did I just check that one...?' At this point I normally become convinced that I don't have any *insert literally any spice here* left and go to buy some only to find it during a later search for cumin. All my rambling aside, spices are annoying and I'm very glad someone had the good sense to find a way of taming them!

Here's how my spice organising went! These are my spices before.

Below is one of four corner pieces of protective packaging which came with my oven. Heather at fakeitfrugal used something else but I believe in making use of what you've got (which is why I've been happily tripping over these in my laundry room for nearly two months now)!

I started by cutting the cardboard into three pieces the same width as my drawer using a saw.

At this point I could have just inserted them into place and added my spices but I went one step further and sprayed them blue to match my cabinets :)

And that's it!

I am in love with this solution!!! It's completely put an end to all the rummaging, it cost me nothing AND it took like 5 minutes!! Now all I have to do is nag my boyfriend into putting things back label up! Wish me luck :)

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