Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Yellow & Grey Is Here To Stay

Hi guys!!

I've been absolutely dying to show you some of the new designs I've added to my DENY Designs collection!! Some of you might remember this design...

Well it's been pretty popular lately so I thought wouldn't it be great if there were a set of products that matched it! With that in mind I designed a yellow mini collection. I've even put together some handy inspiration boards and here they are!!!

Shop the look:   1) 'Amirah Neutral' throw pillow
                        2) 'Branch Out' duvet
                        3) 'Diamonds' throw pillow
Shop the look:   1) 'Amirah Neutral' shower curtain
                        2) 'Branch Out' shower curtain
                        3) 'Amirah Yellow' shower curtain

Shop the look:   1) 'Amirah Neutral' throw pillow
                        2) 'Amirah Yellow' throw blanket
                        3) 'Diamonds' throw pillow

I found so many great yellow products while I was surfing for inspiration! I didn't want to leave any out so I created this list of 6 lively yellow pillows :)

Shop the pillows:
1) 'IKAT Pillow' - Festive Home Decor                      4) 'Trevino Yellow' - Heather Dutton
2) 'Amirah Yellow' - Aimee St Hill                            5) 'Sunshine Yellow' - Willa Skye Home
3) 'Branch Out' - Aimee St Hill                                6) 'Throw Pillow Ikat' - Chic Decor Pillows

While I was surfing I also found a list which includes one of my pillows (see number 9) so naturally I had to include it!!

See it?? 
Thanks a million Pure Home for that feature!!! I'm sure it's had something to do with my increased sales recently :) To shop the products on the Pure Home list click here.

I think it's safe to say that if you like yellow there's no shortage of products to satisfy your appetite!

I've got plenty of other new things up my sleeve as well as a few projects that I can't wait to start and subsequently share! Until then,

Happy decorating!! xx
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