Thursday, June 27, 2013

DENY Designs Artist of the Week

Hi guys!

DENY Designs have made me artist of the week on their blog!!! :)

I've been with DENY Designs for a little over a year now and have really enjoyed getting to know the other artists through their work and social media. I'm so grateful to the entire team there and absolutely love being a part of it so I'm thrilled to hear they feel the same way!

'Aimée St. Hill is our gal pal. And, she’s just as super fun as her art! Aimée’s no stranger to DENY. Aimée has been with us since almost the beginning of the DENY and boy oh boy have we been lucky to have her!' Read more...

They put some lovely collections of my work together too! And did you see how they took the time to add the accent to my name?! So impressed! Even my own blog doesn't have that!!!

Anyhoo, that's it for now folks, I'm cooking up something for next week's post but until then don't forget you can catch me on Facebook for updates any time!

To see more of my collections on DENY Designs or to read the full feature please click here.

Thanks for reading!!! :)

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