Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Modern Living

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I haven't done a post like this in a while so I thought I would today :)

I'm never really sure what people mean when they use the word 'modern' to describe a room. I guess they mean something that hasn't been done before, something new. The word 'modern' tends to conjure images like this

but as far as I can tell these kinds of spaces have been around for at least the last 10 years so what's so modern about them?! Is it the clean lines? The black and white colour scheme? The total lack of clutter? The perfectly coordinated accessories?! I guess these things are what makes this room modern but I would like to suggest a different definition. I feel as though we're heading further and further from this minimal, ultra coordinated look and much more in the direction of revival and mixing old with new. This to me is a much more modern (and forgive me for saying so, more interesting) way of styling a room. Here's why... 


There's no doubt about it, living in a recession sucks! However if there's one good thing to come out of it it's creativity! People can't afford to toss all their old furniture when they feel like a change, they have to work with what they've got. This has resulted in some fantastic re-purposed or revamped furniture. Just check out these examples!

Colourful chair make-over courtesy of casadeestar.com.br
Coffee table made from re-purposed crates courtesy of homedesignboard.com
People are less able to get exactly what they want, whether it's a small accessory or a big piece of furniture so they get creative! This kind of thinking has resulted in much more eclectic home decor styles. Homes are starting to look far less uniform as people make more unique decisions about not just what they buy but how they use and reuse it. The make-do-and-mend mentality is fast becoming a way of life and it's the homes that reflect this that I feel truly deserve the title 'modern.'

And because no post of this nature would be complete without them, here come the inspiration boards!

Modern Living Room

I really enjoy the freedom of this kind of decorating. Use what you have, experiment and see what you can get away with. You might be surprised how chic those old ornaments look once you take them out of the cupboard and arrange them on your mantle with a few of your favourite books. Even your old couch can look cool again with some funky new throw pillows tossed over it!

Shop the Look: 
1) 'April' throw pillow by Sophia Buddenhagen    4) 'Decorative Blue' throw pillow by Aimee St Hill  2) 'Amirah Red' throw pillow by Aimee St Hill     5) 'Ogee Green' tray by Aimee St Hill          
3) 'Colorful Thoughts' art print by Bianca Green   6) 'Como 1' rug by Aimee St Hill         

Modern Bedroom

Need a new headboard? Why not simply paint the one you already have! Better yet, buy a great piece of fabric and give it a padded make-over! Remember colour is your friend! Don't be afraid of combining unusual accessories, be bold with your choices! The more creative you can be, the more 'modern' your space will look!

Shop the look:
1) 'Delilah' art print by Samantha Totty       4) 'Leela Navy' throw pillow by Aimee St Hill
2) 'Eve' art print by Samantha Totty             5) 'Geo Floral' blanket by Aime St Hill
3) 'Stripe2' throw pillow by Aimee St Hill

Modern Bathroom

Wallpaper is great way to update and bring character to your bathroom. If papering the entire room is out of your budget try simply covering a cabinet! Not only will it liven things up but it'll give the room a focal point. For a really modern look try adding additional furniture to your bathroom if you have the space. I just love how this old stepladder turned side table ties in with that unique Brian Yates wallpaper!

Shop the look:
1) 'Teal' shower curtain by Bianca Green                  4) 'Bright Tribal' shower curtain by Aimee St Hill
2) 'Amirah Blue' mirror by Aimee St Hill                 5) 'Bright Roses' mirror by Aimee St Hill
3) 'Pattern Aqua' mirror by Amy Sia

So here are a few things to remember when it comes to modern decor. Thinking outside the box is key! Be bold with your choice of colour, embrace the unconventional (it's ok that things don't match) and don't be afraid to blend old with new.

I hope you've enjoyed today's post! I've got a few more furniture make-overs up my sleeve so keep a look out for them! Until then, happy decorating :)

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