Tuesday, May 28, 2013

3 Different Colours, 3 Different Looks!


I'm back again with another post about colour and to introduce some of my new products (for those of you who haven't been following me on Facebook).

If you've been paying attention you'll know how much I love colour, and you may also know how much I like creating complex patterns. Sooo it seemed sensible that I base my latest print collection on something that incorporates both those elements!

Pinterest has provided me (and all of us) with inspiration from around the globe on a huge variety of subjects. I took a virtual trip to India and Morocco in search of interesting colour combinations, textiles, architecture and design.

After recovering from a sensory overload I got to designing!

I did think about combining all the products into one big, super colourful example but instead I decided I would show you three ways to achieve Indian/Moroccan fusion in your home using three different colour schemes.

Indian Jewels

This first colourway is vibrant and fun. Mix and match patterns together for an eclectic look or pair with plains to brighten up your living room, bedroom or kitchen.

Shop the products:
1) Paisley Orange Duvet                   7) Ogee Orange Quatrefoil Mirror
6) Vintage Floral Duvet                        

Colour palettes courtesy of Design Seed.                                

Ocean Blues

This next colourway is loaded with all the moods of blue. Use with white for a fresh, clean look or mix together for a rich, bold combination.

 Shop the products:
1) Ogee Blue Shower Curtain                     6) Damask Coasters
2) Decorative Blue Wallpaper                      7) Decorative Blue Sheet Set
3) Intertwined Blue Duvet                            8) Blue Is Just A Mood Throw Pillow
4) Ogee Blue Throw Pillow                          9) Paisley Blue Duvet
5) Paisley Blue Throw Pillow

Colour palettes courtesy of Design Seed.    
Image Credits: Blue Archway                     

Moroccan Emeralds

Whether it's a statement wall, a refurbished dresser or just a few carefully selected accessories green is in in a big way! Scatter a couple of these cushions on your couch and your friends will be green with envy! (sorry, couldn't resist) :-P

Shop the products:

1) Paisley Green Quatrefoil Mirror                               5) Simple Ogee Green Throw Pillow
2) Paisley Green Throw Pillow                                    6) Ogee Green Shower Curtain
3) Paisley Green Duvet                                              7) Louvre Green Table Lamp

Image Credits: Green Dresser, Green Seating, Moroccan Street.
Indian image - Via Pinterest (source unknown), Moroccan image - Via Flickr

That's it for now folks. Happy decorating! :)

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