Sunday, June 17, 2012

Facebook Fan Pages: Pay to post?! You must be havin' a laugh!!

I am appalled (but not surprised) to learn of Facebook's new post sharing policy for fan pages.
You may know that I have recently created a Facebook fan page having realised its potential for easily sharing my work and products with a massive audience for free. I was enjoying the support I was getting from friends and friends of friends and I was slowly growing an audience much faster (and larger) than I've ever been able to do through my blog or website. Imagine my disappointment upon learning that the FREE sharing that I have come to enjoy and rely on is coming to an end!

Facebook has recently added a feature to pages (visible only to page admins) which shows the 'reach' of posts. This percentage represents the number of page 'likers' who can see the post on their news feed. Facebook has limited news feed posts to the people who engage regularly with said posts (by commenting/sharing/liking). This basically means that only a tiny percentage of the total people who have liked a page will be seeing anything that's posted on it. The rest of the people will be blissfully unaware that anything has been posted (whether they want to see it or not).

This is particularly sucky for someone like me who is new to facebook and trying to expand my audience. How, I ask am I expected to do that when I can't even reach the few people who have taken the time to 'like' my page?!?!    
And the frustration continues! Facebook has decided that page owners should PAY to make their posts visible to the remaining 'likers'. This is ridiculous!! Remember, page owners won't be paying to reach new people but people who have ALREADY liked their page!

This new policy goes completely against what I assume Facebook was trying to achieve when fan pages were first launched; to allow small businesses, artists and organisations to share for FREE!!

Luckily there is a loophole! When you like a page hover the cursor over the 'liked' button to open a drop down menu. Make sure to check the option that says 'show in news feed' to keep receiving updates.

If you, like me think that this should not be allowed to continue please share this information and follow the steps above to support the little guy!

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