Friday, November 25, 2011

Chicken Pot Pie

Yo peeps!!

Many, MANY things have been happening in my life of late hence my lack of posting. Totally forgotten where I left u with the updates but basically I got a life! Did some socialising, took some exercise, went for an x-ray (I'm not ill or having surgery, just needed to prove I don't have TB. Turns out I have an 'unremarkable' may interpret that any way you'd like).

I'm still beavering away at my freelance work but I'm not gonna post any of that today. Today I did something that I am far more proud of. I baked a pie!!

You must understand that I don't cook. I don't cook because cooking requires waiting and waiting requires patience and I don't have any. NONE!! I can't even wait for toast to pop. I mostly put off eating until I'm about to black out to avoid cooking anything. Obviously this sort of behaviour cannot be allowed to continue sooooooo I found this recipe and baked this pie!!!


The recipe called for celery but I swapped it out for broccoli and it was proper tasty! It's ok, I can say that, my partner in eating confirmed it :)

So that was my triumph of the day! I've had what I think is a fabulous idea for a Christmas craft project which I'm excited to make a start on tomorrow. So I should have more things to post soon!

Ciao for now x

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