Monday, June 13, 2011

Work - Week 1

Now that i've managed to get through a whole week of work i feel it's worth posting my thoughts on my new working & living arrangements.
Luckily i haven't found the change of location too difficult to adjust to in terms of my work. the most difficult thing is not allowing myself to become distracted by thoughts of the beach! not having a car for most of the day has helped enormously with this! i managed to get myself set up pretty quickly and locate all the equipment i need (although i foresee a problem finding specific pens locally, but i'll just have to find a way around that).

I had some trouble with my dye for a while but i put that down to my own stupidity and moved on.  Apparently using a slightly larger pot than usual was just too much for my brain to handle. Needless to say the concentration (of the dye and not my brain in this case) was completely off for quite some time.  

anyway..........this weeks brief was winter animal prints and although i can't publish the entire design for copyright reasons i can publish sections and sketches so................

    Not too shabby if i say so myself!

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