Sunday, June 26, 2011

Stencils are a time saver!

I tried a little something different this week with my discharge (mostly bcoz i was feeling lazy). OMG i neeeeeeeed to explain that this is jacquard discharge paste and it is used to bleach areas of dyed fabric (not some kind of disgusting bodily function that i suddenly felt the need to share with the world).

anyway.......i use jacquard discharge paste to create designs on silk (some of which you may have seen the sketches for in my previous posts). Usually i do this by making a simple line drawing on newsprint, stretching the fabric over the drawing and then, using a paint brush, tracing the lines with the discharge. Once it's dry i use an iron to activate the paste (the fabric goes white wherever the paste has been applied) then, after rinsing the fabric,  i can add more detail by dyeing or painting over the top.

Well, as i say, this week i was feeling a little lazier than usual so i had the genius idea of creating a stencil. The first layer came out pretty well so fingers crossed the rest works out!


  1. Amazing Aimeeeee. I love it! This just make me want to get back on top of my game. We sorta need to be in the same place no>? Lets get some shit planned! Cits

  2. Citaaa!! long time! we SO need to talk!! I don't know what's been goin on with whatsapp, skype is the way forward. I can't tell u how ready I am for a new project, lets get moving!!! x