Wednesday, January 25, 2012

EOS 600D

My Mummy came to visit me last week and she brought me my crimbo present from London which was awesome!!! (thank you all family members who chipped in to buy me the only thing I really wanted for Christmas part two- a camera)!!! 

This is not just any camera, this is a Canon EOS 600D! ok, so i don't really know a lot about cameras and I have absolutely no idea what those numbers and letters mean but I do know that i LOVE this camera!!!

The quality is about a trillion times better than my sucky (but well loved) no name camera. It's totally big and burly too. It's the Chuck Norris of cameras! I'm pretty sure my other camera would pee it's pants and run for cover if it bumped into the EOS 600D in a dark ally. My apologies to anyone who stumbled across my blog looking for a serious product review of this camera. You'll find nothing so useful here.

Anyway, as I was putting my camera together (not from scratch, it's not some sort of IKEA camera) I remembered my Mum urging me to read the instruction manual and take my time etc. I was gonna completely take her advice too and do the whole reading thing, find out exactly what all the little buttons do, twiddle with the thingies etc. But then the instruction booklet was like the size of an Oxford Dictionary. So I took the much less boring but ultimately more complicated route of just press stuff and see what happens!

Here's what happened!!