Monday, July 4, 2011

AnimeKon 2011!!!

Yesterday i went to AmineKon Expo for the first time!!
I'd like to be able to say that i went because i thought i might be able to soak up some digital art culture here in Barbados. I'd like to be able to blame my boyfriend and declare i only went in support of his performance. i'd like to be able to tell you that but i can't. in all honesty i'm just a massive nerd!! In case u were wondering i was in full costume. I went dressed as Roberta (AKA The Bloodhound of Florencia) from Black Lagoon and if you know who that is, guess what? ur a massive nerd too!!
anyway........nerdiness aside, some of the artwork at the expo was very nice! 2 artists stood out to me on the day. They were Joshua Clarke (whose work you can check out on the Animekon website: ttp://  ) and Simone Padmore, whose work i was unable to locate online. Good thing i took a picture!!

(Above left: Simone Padmore, illustrator/ artist. Above right: Joshua Clarke, illustrator and digital artist).

I also came across a new movie series which will be (assuming i've got my facts straight) releasing a new online episode every week. BTW Honey Bird Productions are always looking for actors with/without experience so hit them up if you're in the area and looking for a new project!! 

You can check out the trailer on the website and in case you're thinking 'damn i was hoping for some relief from the chore of typing' here's the direct link,Home

While you're clicking around, why not also check out the AnimeKon website 
Keep a special eye out over the next few days for photos (and quite possibly some cringe worthy footage) of me in costume! AAAAAND make sure to look out for dates for next year if ur an anime freak and happen to be in the Barbados area!! :)

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